Our vision becomes a reality through our multifaceted, multifunctional, effective in-house ministries. Paul in the book of Acts said this “I have become all things to all people, that I might reach some.” Well, we’ll do all we can to reach who we can without compromising the central message of the gospel, which is ‘Jesus Saves.’ Strategically, we have designed the following spirit-led ministries.


Your spiritual growth and development is very important. That is why we have designed these four key growth stages for you – New Life Class, Membership Class, Believers Bible Class and Discipleship Class.


There is care for every area of your need. We provide pastoral visitations, prayers and counselling to all members in need. We also liaise with government agencies and providers of social, vocational, educational, legal and medical services in the community and can recommend places of recreation and social interest. 

Whatever your need, our specialised welfare ministry teams are there for you – New members ministry; About-to-marry ministry; Newly weds ministry; New parents ministry; Hospital ministry; Prison ministry; Ministry to the Bereaved; Lone & Single parents ministry; Age Concern ministry; shot-ins ministry; Contact and telephone ministry; Waiting mothers ministry; Singles ministry; etc.


We know your major concern is your children. They are ours too. With our team of dedicated, well-trained and skilled team of children ministers, you need not worry. We do not just keep them away so the adults can enjoy the service; we teach and train them in the things of God. From the ‘Destiny Tots’ (2-4 years) to ‘Promise Bearers’ (5-8 years) to ‘Cool Dudes for Christ’ (9-12 years) to ‘Faith Followers’ (13-15 years), every child is ministered to. With clean, humorous and educative video and audio library resources, the children will definitely bring you back.

Generation Youth

From age 16, our youth ministry takes the pressures of adolescence seriously. Strong and Godly individual members of our church family help these young men and women make the right choices in a mentoring program within a relaxed social setting. They receive godly counsel from those that are more experienced in life without losing the context of being young.


CMI (Covenant Men International) is the ministry that caters for the needs and progress of the men in the church. It hopes to build the ‘real man’ by organising and hosting ‘Empowerment’ breakfast seminars and annual conference. 

CW (Covenant Women) is the women ministry design with women in mind. All aspects of a woman’s need are catered for.

Finance Business & Career (FBC)

Finance Business and Career ministries are set up to help members (through God) secure a positive future for self and family. The ministries are lead by professionals who understand the economic mindset and run their own businesses. Advice and training is provided in the areas of debt management and cancellation, business set-up and management and also career development and employment.


‘Logi’ is a short form of logistics. Logi ministries are set up to enhance the work of the church: protocols, greeters, ministry resources, book stands, ushers, deliverance, secretariat, counselling, prayers, intercessory, car park, building and maintenance, pastors care, drama, finance, audio-visual, photography, technical, music, worship, publicity and publications, decorations, computer, web design, etc.


Each One Reach One

Held every1st Sunday of each month, each member invites a family member, friend, colleague or neighbour to church for fun and fellowship and to meet with Jesus.

Media Outreach 

All forms of media effects are utilised, as you would find in a Cinema setting. Guest artistes, comedians, light entertainment and clean side attractions will are employed each night. Held monthly, a good Christian film with gospel message will rounds up each night. The stage is set for a social evening but the message is the gospel.