Sunday School


 Our purpose 

Our purpose is to develop and build our children in the way of the Lord. Our aim is to help them develop spiritually, morally and socially.


Vision is to train up our children in the way and fear of the Lbfsundaysch.jpgord (Proverb 22:6)


  • Sunday school classes
  • Build a team of dedicated and well trained teachers
  • For teachers to continually pray for our children on a regular basis
  • Homework/memory verses
  • Bible club during the summer holiday
  • Develop a Children’s choir


  • Commitment to pray

This ministry will be characterised by a reliance on prayer in our conception, planning and execution. The team must pray together before going out on visitation. There will be one hour prayer meeting, every quarter, for the team and children. 

  • Commitment to creativity and innovations

In today’s rapidly changing world, methods and forms must be continually evaluated and altered as necessary. While proven methods will not be discarded at whim, we encourage innovation, flexibility and adaptability. We are more receptive to effectiveness in ministry rather than adherence to tradition.

  • Commitment to excellence / self-developmentbfsunschwelcome2

Our belief is that God deserves our best. The Lord Himself is a God of excellence because when He gave His son to us, He gave His best. Paul also exhorts in Colossians 3:23 that in whatever task, we should put ourselves into it as unto the Lord and not as unto our earthly masters. Excellence can only be achieved when every member is exercising and developing their God given gifts. In view of this, self-development through attending relevant church activities i.e bible study, house group etc, is essential. 

  •  Commitment to team meetings

To function effectively as a team, we need to meet at regular intervals for the purpose of discussing challenges, team training/development, ministering to one another, prayer and getting to know one another.

  • Commitment to friendliness and presentation

It is of great importance to be friendly and present ourselves in a godly and approachable manner.


Integrity, Excellence, Leadership, Teamwork, Creativity, Holiness, Friendship, Good role models


Listens, informs, Bold disciplined, Spirit-filled and led, Responsive, Friendly, Warm, Approachable


Provided by women 

About 8 of our children have given their lives so far


Short-term goals

  • Divide the children by their age group into 2 groupsbfsswelcome.jpg
  • Ages 4-7year will attend Sunday School (SS) twice a month (alternate Sundays)
  • Ages 8-12years will attend SS twice a month (alternate Sundays)
  • No SS on the 1st Sunday
  • Train SS Teachers
  • Invite CEF Staff to train teachers
  • Develop Curriculum for this age groups
  • Buy SS craft materials 
  • Make a spiritual (business) case for SS and need for teachers
  • Men could also volunteer to be part of us if they feel God is calling them to this ministry
  • Parents to provide their children with stationeries and good bibles (Bible – International Children’s bible NCV for ages 8-12, Picture bible for ages 4-7)
  • Parents to support their parents with reading the bible and memory verses

Long-term Goals/Plans 

  • Children’s day out – once a year
  • Summer classes
  • Develop bible club during summer holiday – once a week
  • Develop children’s choir