Come, Be and Become

Integral to the vision of the Church to raise people of power is the slogan. Taken from Mark 3:13-15 we invite you to Come, Be and Become.

We strongly believe God has called everyone first to Come, then Be with Him and to Become a vessel He can use.

A Place To COME – Introduction and Initiation

With a powerful, enthusiastic, exciting and energetic team of workers, we welcome you into our midst. Whatever your needs are, our Godbftasteandsee.jpg is able to meet them through the ministries we offer. Be it spiritual, economic, family or social, there is something for everyone. Until you’ve tried Jesus, don’t give up hope. Give us a chance to prove Who our God is.

Make a commitment to COME and you would be glad you did. At NCC Peckham, we welcome you just as you are. You may be a drug addict, a wife or husband beater, an alcoholic, a former convict, in debt, sick, depressed, oppressed, lonely, divorced, hurt, abused, helpless, hopeless, confused, disappointed or just tired, don’t worry God cares and so do we.

A Place To Belong – Integration and Involvement

God came to the Earth in the person of Jesus to show us the way to the Father. He came to reconcile us to God and break down the barrier between God and us. Jesus also came to reconcile man to man. It was a mission to restore vertical fellowship (Man and God) and horizontal fellowship (Man and Man).

We emphasise the worship of God and prayer as our source of spiritual power from which other things we do flow. We therefore will encourage you to get integrated and get into the move of God. Be a friend of God and make new friends in the congregation.

As we worship God together, He begins to instruct and impart us through the dynamic ministry of the leaders and other men and women of His choosing.

Our care groups, home cell groups and study groups will be of help anytime you need them. All you need to do is ask. Make a commitment to Belong and you will be glad you did.

A Place To BECOME Expression and Expansion

As you get acquainted with our Church family, you will begin to discover how God can use ordinary people like us to do extraordinary bfjer29things. No doubt, you will be challenged and motivated to help others in the same manner.

There are various resources we have made available to help you grow and develop to the point you can help others grow and develop. You have a role to play and fulfil in the plan of God. You can be maximally effective in at least an area of your life. Give us the chance to draw out those things God has placed within you for the benefit of both you and many others around you. What is more, we create the room for you through our well-developed and organised groups to explore and express those gifts. And as you expand, we do too. You can BECOME a person of influence.

Make a commitment to BECOME and you will be glad you did.