The Man Behind The Vision


Sam was born again in 1984 and immediately backslid. In 1992, he rededicated his life to the Lord and began to yearn for God’s kind of compassion and things that would enhance his maturity. This hunger led him to attend a Bible College between 1994 ad 1996 adding to the Bachelor’s degree he earned at a University in Nigeria.  At the College, he discovered that the areas of his major gifting are administration and “Pastor-Teacher.”

Following his rapid spiritual growth, Sam held several leadership posts in the New Covenant Church and rose to become the Denomination’s Covenant Bible College Provost and Chair of the Convention Planning Committee.

At his ordination in April of 1997, it became obvious that God had been orchestrating Sam’s steps. At the ceremony he said “As a young lad, while my other friends and colleagues desired to become Legal Practitioners, Medical Practitioners, Engineers and Air Pilots, I had a desire to be a ‘Reverend’.” By that he meant a man placed over a congregation. Becoming a pastor is a desire God had placed in his heart though he could not remember it until many years later.

He is married to Toyin and they are blessed with three children.