New Covenant Church Worldwide


New Covenant Church is an international charity started in Nigeria in 1985 and from there has spread to different parts of Africa, Europe, Asia, Canada and the USA. NCC in Nigeria has over 250 branches with over 50,000 members. The largest church is in Ibadan with over 3,000 members.

The goal of the church is to transform lives to light and freedom in Jesus Christ. We are made kings and priests by Jesus and therefore WE can exercise DOMINION here on earth.

Our Vision of the Church

The New Testament knows only one Church. The only thing that divided the Church was geographical boundaries. The biblical pattern is the local church, which is expected to relate to or be under the spiritual oversight of an apostle or apostolic team (Eph 2:19-20) bearing in mind that a local church comprises of the entire congregation in a geographical boundary. What unity there would be when all churches are together under apostolic teams nation-wide? When that happens, the Church will become of age and the gates of hell would no longer prevail.

Mission Statement

The vision of the New Covenant Church is to build city churches around the world. These churches are to be at least 1% of the local population. This will be our contribution to the joint effort of all other churches to disciple the nations as Jesus Christ commissioned.

• To bring every member into maturity in Christ.
• To foster deeper and meaningful fellowship.
• To encourage and work for the unity among all believers.
• To work in the community.
• To play a positive role in the life of the nation.
• To provide opportunity for service.


Membership of the church is open to all born again Christians with evidence of a changed life. The church presently has members in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the USA.

Four Modes of Operation

  1. DISCIPLESHIP One to one follow-up and discipleship of every member of the church, using transferable material.
  2. CELL GROUP Small home groups that meet weekly for fellowship, prayer and evangelism. These groups grow and feed the church.
  3. CONGREGATION Coming together on Sunday and mid-week services for worship and edification.
  4. CELEBRATION Joint services of all our branches in a given area to celebrate Jesus and make a statement to the world.